Cory Carnley Gainesville

Cory Carnley Gainesville

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Cory Carnley loves to travel. And even that is an understatement. The best description is that he lives for it. The way others need oxygen, food, and shelter, travel is a necessity for the Florida native. He consumes every opportunity for exploration.

While this sounds luxurious, there is something yeoman-like about his experiences. Carnley isn't jetting off to exotic locales. Nor is he blazing uncharted trails. Yet he is forging his own path. He isn't idling away with his toes in the sand. He has transformed his hobby into a career. Rather than traveling just for fun, he has now been fortunate enough to monetize his lifestyle.

As a Travel Blogger, he documents his excursions for the entire world to see.

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Why Does Travel Make You Happy?
April 12, 2023

How Can You Travel For Free?

There are many ways you can travel for free, whether just a weekend getaway or a long-term stay abroad. A great way to do this is by working as a tour guide. It might not pay much, but it’s a lot of fun, and you can see some incredible places along the way. Couchsurfing Couchsurfing […]

Travel Blog
March 21, 2023

What Should a Travel Blog Have?

A travel blog should be easy to use and compel readers to read more. It should also feature a responsive website theme that looks great on multiple devices. It should also be where travellers can find tips and inspiration for their next trip. A good travel blog will recommend destinations, accommodations, and gear. Content A […]

February 9, 2023

Why Don’t You Inhale a Cigar

Cigar are rolled bundles of dried and aged tobacco leaves. They are a time-honoured indulgence that dates back to before the 1400s.The traditional method of smoking cigar involves drawing the smoke into the mouth and exhaling it. Many smokers also push some of the smoke from their palate into their noses to experience its aroma […]

Why Does Travel Make You Happy?
September 8, 2022

Why Does Travel Make You Happy?

Travel is a great way to develop new connections and relationships. Travel make you happy and opens up new doors to people who would otherwise never meet you. Being in an unfamiliar place makes it easier to connect with others, especially when you share similar experiences. You can pick up on these relationships and make […]

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