About Me

Cory Carnley loves to travel. And even that is an understatement. The best description is that he lives for it. The way others need oxygen, food, and shelter, travel is a necessity for the Florida native. He consumes every opportunity for exploration.

While this sounds luxurious, there is something yeoman-like about his experiences. Carnley isn't jetting off to exotic locales. Nor is he blazing uncharted trails. Yet he is forging his own path. He isn't idling away with his toes in the sand. He has transformed his hobby into a career. Rather than traveling just for fun, he has now been fortunate enough to monetize his lifestyle.

As a Travel Blogger, he documents his excursions for the entire world to see.

The Gainesville native will be the first to admit that becoming a travel blogger was largely happenstance. Like most other students his age, he craves experiences over possessions. So, instead of buying the hottest sneakers or the latest tech, he simply packed a bag and left. His blog began as a digital diary, stemming from a desire to share his adventures. With each post, his following grew.

At first, he funded his trips by picking up freelance work. He sold pictures and wrote articles. It was the modern, digital equivalent of "will work for food." Now, he has his own emerging media empire. Through sponsored campaigns and advertisements, he's generated enough revenue to plan his next trip. For him, this is all that matters.

And Carnley has developed quite a niche along the way. His primary focus is on domestic travel. He is transfixed by the idea of exploring his own backyard. By traveling throughout the U.S., he believes he adds a new perspective, understanding, and appreciation for the country that many call home.

To this date, he has already visited 44 of the nation's 50 states. He often jokes that the most difficult part of being a travel blogger is deciding where to travel next. Although, this time, it's much easier. Having traversed most of New England, the Midwest, and the Southwest, Carnley has set his sights on completing his tour of the U.S. Next up are trips to Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, and the other states he's yet to visit.

If this sounds amazing, that's because it is. Cory Carnley relishes his life traveling across the country. Yet he's also quick to point out that it's not always a "vacation." His growth as a travel blogger occurred organically, but it also didn't happen overnight. He's quick to shoot down the misconception that blogging is a carefree, glamourous existence. He attributes his rapid success to a dogged determination behind the scenes. He is always learning. When he's not creating content, he researches, reads, brainstorms, and plans. Travel isn't just a weekend getaway. It has become his business.

But don't feel too bad for Carnley. He's out living his dream, exploring life one state (and post) at a time.


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