What Should a Travel Blog Have?

Cory Carnley Gainesville

March 21, 2023

Travel Blog

A travel blog should be easy to use and compel readers to read more. It should also feature a responsive website theme that looks great on multiple devices.

It should also be where travellers can find tips and inspiration for their next trip. A good travel blog will recommend destinations, accommodations, and gear.


A travel blog should have content that is relevant to its target audience. This will help it attract visitors with a common interest, build a loyal reader base, and gain search engine visibility.

For example, if you write about student travel during a gap year, your posts include budgeting tips, planning guides and student destination recommendations.

Personal stories are also a great way to engage your readers and provide valuable information. You can share a memorable trip with locals or a story about your failures.

You can also write about your favourite food, gear, landmarks, and local souvenirs. These articles can inspire readers to visit a new place or travel to an old one again.


A travel blog requires a lot of visual content to draw the audience in. The right photos will make your story come alive, and you don’t want to risk losing visitors with a sluggish load time or blurry, low-quality images.

Aside from a beautiful photo, your blog should have a good logo. You can design a nifty one yourself or hire someone to do it.

Besides the logo, you should have a site structure that makes navigating your content easy for readers. It also helps your site rank well in Google’s organic search.

Aside from the usual suspects, there are a few other sites that you should be aware of. These include Gratisography and LibreShot. The first is a website that offers free, public-domain photography for download. The other company uses colour-tracking technology to find you the best image possible. The most important thing to remember is to follow copyright laws and attribution.

Social media

To succeed with a travel blog, you need to use strategic social media marketing. It can be time-consuming, but it’s also a great way to build a community of loyal readers who will keep returning for more.

Instagram, for example, is a great place to share photos from your recent adventures. The platform is incredibly visual, and your followers get notified when you post something new.

Another popular social media channel is YouTube, which hosts content that drives engagement and can be an effective traffic driver for your travel blog.

Whether sharing tips on cost-cutting, making travel bucket lists, or finding the best local restaurants, travel blogs should have an extensive social media presence. It’s essential to use social media strategically; an excellent social media scheduler will help you manage your posts.


A travel blog should have an attractive design that encourages readers to keep reading. It should also be easy to navigate and contain relevant information.

The design of a travel blog should reflect its purpose, goals, and core values. This will help you target and attract your ideal audience, benefitting your business.

For example, The Points Guy, a travel blog that helps readers save money on airfare by accumulating credit card points, has a bold colour scheme and uses images to highlight the blog’s focus.

Another Escape, a travel blog that features engaging travel stories and beautiful photography, is minimalist in design. Its white space makes the stories and photographs shine.

Using the right font, style, and colour combinations is also essential. A good rule of thumb is to use the most apparent font size and weight for titles while smaller and typical font sizes for body text.